How does uGlow work?
You as a Glowpro create an account on the App detailing the services you offer, your qualifications and your location.
Users in your area can then post the “Glow” they are looking for i.e. Makeup for an event or Hair for a wedding and you as a Glowpro, if available, can respond to the Glow with your pricing.
Once you agree on a date, time and rate, the Glow is confirmed. The fee will be held by the app until the service has been completed. It will then be released to the Glowpro’s bank account minus the uGlow App commission of 5% (1% of which goes to a chosen charity).
You can use uGlow full time to grow your business and reach more clients or to supplement your existing clients and fill up your available time.
GlowPro Information Pack
Download our GlowPro’s information deck below for more detail on how the app works and the benefits of becoming part of the Glow Community.

The idea for uGlow came when a friend of founder, Elaine Doheny from Waterford, had her first baby. She was sleep deprived, emotional and had first time mum nerves. She wanted to feel herself again without leaving her baby and wasn’t mentally prepared to bring her baby with her.“I’d love someone to come to the house and give me a blowdry, just 30 minutes for me”. This reminded Elaine of her own mother’s situation, as primary carer for her grandmother, Elaine’s mum found it hard to leave the house with peace of mind.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the pampering could come to them both in a space where they are at ease and at a time that suits their schedule? uGlow was created to be a solution for people looking to fit wellness into their busy schedules while also giving wellness service providers a platform to grow their business and reach a new audience.

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